UPDATE: PhoneTag Service Change Notice - Please Read

PhoneTag Customers

This message is to inform you of three upcoming changes towards your PhoneTag Voicemail to Text Account. 

Update 1:

In July of 2014 PhoneTag revised its voicemail message retention policy for each personal account.  Today individuals have the ability to store messages for an undefined period of time.   The notice that was sent to all PhoneTag subscribers informed them of the retention period change to 30 days.  Effective April 11,, 2015 all voicemail messages and transcriptions greater than 90 days old will be automatically purged from your individual hosted mailbox within PhoneTag.   Going forward any voicemail message greater than 90 days old will be automatically deleted.

If there is a need to retain messages greater than 90 days, please contact our support group to see about a capture of your saved messages.


Update 2:


This change applies to those Customers that directly email audio files to PhoneTag for conversion to text


Effective April 11, 2015, we will be changing the e-mail address that you send your audio files to.  This change will only affect those users who send their audio files to PhoneTag by e-mail. 


  • Currently you send your files to <DID>@my.simulscribe.com. 
    • example    1234567899@my.similscribe.com
  • Effective April 11th, that address will change to <DID>@my.phonetag.com
    • Example    1234567899@my.phonetag.com


There will be a grace period where we will accept traffic sent to either address but this grace period will end April 30, 2015.  Please make the needed changes to your account.  After April 30, 2015 we will not accept traffic sent to the <DID>@my.simulscribe.com address.


Update 3:


The Below Section Affects All Users of PhoneTag


As part of the above change the delivery address mailbox@my.simulscribe.com will change to mailbox@my.phonetag.com.  Please ensure that you have added this email address to your safe sender list.



If you have any questions or concerns on the upcoming changes please contact our PhoneTag Support Team at:

Phone 1-800-788-0916

E-mail  Support@phonetag.com


PhoneTag Customer Care Center

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