What is PhoneTag?


PhoneTag utilizes cutting edge voice recognition technology to convert your voicemail messages into text. We deliver your transcribed voicemail, along with the original audio, to your mobile phone, PDA, and/or email account. This process streamlines your communication flow, saving you both time and money

* Manage multiple clients at once; by reading your voicemail instantly, you can act faster on opportunities which would otherwise be stuck in your voicemail for hours

* Consolidate your Cell/Office/Home voicemails all in one account for easy access and at one low price and READ them all in your email or our online portal.

* Centralize and archive all of your voicemail online.

* With PhoneTag you never have to write down the information from a voicemail; important numbers, names and addresses are easy to find, easy to access and will never get lost

* When occupied you can forward voicemail messages as e-mail to another person to help you manage

* Save money retrieving your voicemail when roaming

* You can listen to the message from an attached audio file or by dialing into the voicemail system

* Keep the same voicemail functionality that you are accustomed to; all dial-in voicemail functionality stays the same

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