How do I create a PhoneTag account?

How to create a PhoneTag account:


* Navigate to and click on “SIGN UP”.


* Enter your information, including selecting your carrier from the drop down menu.


o Note: If you’d like to use PhoneTag from your home/office phone, please select the“Home/Office Phone” from the drop down menu.


* After you submit your information, you will receive a Welcome e-mail from PhoneTag with instructions on how to activate your account.


After you’ve gone ahead and activated your account, you will begin receiving your voicemails as e-mails along with the original audio of the voicemail as an attachment. You can specify multiple endpoints for your messages (including SMS text message endpoints which are not enabled by default), as well as manage your entire voicemail inbox by logging into your account via (click on LOGIN).  Just enter your e-mail address and the pin number you created during sign up.

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