How do I set up PhoneTag with my home or office phone?

There are two ways PhoneTag can work with your home or office phone. The first is using wave file forwarding. If you phone system can create and send via email a wave file of the voicemail left on it, you can just tell your system to send a copy of the message to us and we will transcribe it and send it back to you via email or text message. The way to do this is to send those wave files to <DID> where your DID number is your 10 digit PhoneTag number which can be found by signing into your account via our website.


You can also use no answer call forwarding to forward your home or office phone to us. No answer call forwarding is the process where your phone rings and then the unanswered calls get routed to your PhoneTag voice mailbox. If you have an office phone system with a control panel, you may be able to control the forwarding settings on the phone system itself. If not, you will have to call your carrier and ask for this service. Be sure to have your 10 digit PhoneTag number available so your carrier knows which number to forward to.

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