How do I setup my voice greeting?

You can setup your voice greeting by calling up the PhoneTag voicemail system at (800) 784-0457. If you call from the phone registered with PhoneTag, you will be asked for your password which is the pin number you created during sign up.  You will then go into the voicemail menu and  you can press 0 for voicemail options and 1 to record your greeting. If you are calling from a different phone you need to enter in the number you registered with PhoneTag along with the pin number (password) you created when you first signed up.


Alternatively, you can upload a wave or mp3 file to your account with your voicemail greeting. You can do this by logging into your account at  Select Login and enter your e-mail address along with the pin number you created at sign up.  Click the Account Settings tab. In account settings, scroll down to where it says Voicemail Greeting and  upload an audio file with your voice mail greeting.

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