What are my options when I call 800-784-0457 to access the dial-in voicemail system?

The follow is a list of prompts you will hear and options you can press once you call up our voicemail system.

If you are calling from the number you have registered with us, our system will ask you for your password which is the PIN you created during the signup process. If you call from a number different from the one you registered with us, it will ask for the number you have registered with PhoneTag as well as your password (pin number). Then you will get to the voicemail menu as follows:

You have X # new messages


1. Press 1 to listen to your messages

2. Press 2 to listen to your saved messages

3. Press 0 for mailbox options

· Press 1 to record your unavailable message

· Press 5 to change your password

· Press * to return to the main menu

Message # X (message content plays)

4. To skip this message press 5

5. To erase this message press 7

6. To save this message press 9

7. (If nothing is pressed, automatically goes to next message)

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