I cannot access my voicemail by calling the 800 number, and it keeps hanging up on me when I enter my phone number, what’s wrong?

When prompted, you need to enter the 10 digit phone number you have registered with PhoneTag, not your PhoneTag account number. This is the number you specified with us when you first signed up. If the system is not recognizing the number make sure you are pressing down the keys long enough for our system to recognize the key touch. Even if you are using a different number now with the service, you must enter this number to be able to access your voicemail. You can login to your account to view or change this phone number associated with your account.


If you continue having trouble with this method, try dialing your 10 digit account number directly followed by the * key and your pin number; this should also put you through to the voicemail system. If you don't know what your 10 digit account number is you can find your PhoneTag Voicemail Number/DID by logging into the PhoneTag web portal at Phonetag.com. Login using your e-mail address and the pin number you created at signup. Select  the Account Settings tab and look for the Account Number section. Your account number is also your PhoneTag Voicemail Number/DID.  If you continue to have problems with the 800 number, please contact our support group at Support@PhoneTag.com, or call our support line at 800-788-0916.

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