What do I do if I haven’t been receiving any voicemails to my email and no messages are showing up on my account online?

When no messages are going through our system, it usually indicates that your unanswered calls are no longer being forwarded to your PhoneTag voicemail account. This usually happens if your network resets the call forwarding settings on your phone which often happens when travelling. Follow the same steps to activate PhoneTag on your phone that you used when you first signed up and activated for the first time. If you no longer have these activation instructions you can resend them to yourself by logging into the Phonetag web portal at Phonetag.com.  Login using your e-mail address and the pin number you created at signup.  Click the Self-Service tab, and then click "send me instructions for my phone".  Select your provider from the drop down menu, then click on 'Instructions via E-mail'.  A new set of instructions will be sent to you.

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